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Project Based Learning
Sample-Project Plan

Forests our lifeline  -Our Wealth
 (1.1)The Define Phase
·   Write a statement describing the overall purpose of the project.
·   What is the key challenge or problem the project is aiming to address?
·   What are students intended to learn from the project?

This project is intended to allow class VII students to explore the following topics:
1.       Forests our Lifeline.
2.       The forests of Kerala.
3.       The location of forests of Kerala.
4.       Plants and animals present in these forests.
5.       To understand the importance of protecting forests.
The students will work in small groups building knowledge in these curriculum areas, the project gives students the opportunity to develop specific 21st Century skills.

(1.12)Project Scope:
            Describe the scope of your project. This may include class and section, subjects it covers, self shills to be used etc. as well as other factors affecting scope.
Students from class VII

Subjects involved: Science, Social Science  and English

Student research will be monitored and managed to avoid students going off track and out of scope.

(1.13) Curriculum and Standards:
  List the curriculum and standards this project will cover.
Class VII Science Curriculum topics and standards related to this project:
·         Forest as an habitat.
·         Animals and trees of the forest.
·         Forest products
·         Forests of Kerala.

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