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Project Plan – Lesson 7
The Manage Phase
(7.1) Process Management:
                List tasks that will be used to manage the process of conducting the learning
               Initial Preparation &Planning
               Identifying the team on the basis of SW Analysis for team leadership
               Team Interaction and milestone setting
               Task distribution and deadline 
               Monitoring the Attainment of tasks and milestones
               Process handling and reporting
                Conflict management               

(7.2) Student Preparation:
                Describe how students will be prepared for the project prior to launch. List any specific instruction or tasks that will be needed

The students will be initiated before the project launch. They will be informed about the importance of forest. Interviews with members of old generation to understand the difference in lifestyles.  New ICT tools to be used during the project (i.e. using a spreadsheet for survey results/ blog etc) will be practiced before the project launch.
(7.3)  Facilitation:

                Describe how facilitation of resources will be used to enable the students to be successful.

Use of the resource room, library and computer equipment, digital devices, guest lectures will be scheduled and booked in advance.

(7.4) Progress Monitoring:

Describe how program will be monitored throughout the project.
Group progress

After attainment of each milestone, the team leader will have a briefing with the project lead as well as with his team members for assessment of task. Every week a briefing about the status of the project will be done to the Whole class. 

Individual progress

Reporting to other team for peer review and valuable suggestions for each task and followed by consolidation of work by the team after the approval of the project leader. Team checkpoint meetings as well informally daily checking with teams and individuals on their work.


(7.5) Re-planning:
Describe how ‘re-planning’ will be used if the project goes off track

As student autonomy has to be provided to enable them to achieve their behavioral changes, there is a risk of the project going off track and hence additional time allowance will be kept in the design of the project for handling overrun within the stipulated deadlines of the overall project. There is an option for homework to be used to catch up if necessary.

(7.6) Conflict Management:
Describe how to address problems related to participation, offer approaches to manage other conflicts that may arise.
The project envisions a long term impact of forest in Kerala and need to preserve them. Development of interpersonal skills as well as behavioral changes in its members and further through them to the society, the conflict management part has to be dealt with utmost care and concern. Hence the project leads role becomes pivotal.
To ensure that things goes smoothly within the team, the rule of presenting ones’ view and accepting others and thereby shedding egos will be considered the most important change and   teamwork rules will be included in project launch presentation. 
Students are asked to initially try to work out conflicts on their own. In the case of a deadlock, issues are to be raised with the teacher. 
Lack of participation will be dealt  sympathetically  and project lead will ensure that each child attains his minimal level of learning through the given task and will provide necessary scaffolds to build his ability, confidence and thereafter attain his role in the task. 

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